Reveling in Refinement

Love to All! I received a message a couple of days ago that’s been percolating in me and I thought I’d share. Monday I had a change in holiday plans that was upsetting, and this tiny fortune fell from my wallet in nod-from-the-universe style….


It was odd because I didn’t remember ever receiving this fortune, but I instantly recognized it was important for now. I wanted to contemplate REFINEMENT. I did a quick search, and all meanings seemed applicable.


I delighted at this insight because I realized instantly that REFINEMENT is the essence of our growth and awakening process—of life. We are layered in our physical vehicles from birth with so much from our family, ancestry, culture, society, from history—all that’s been held and impressed/suppressed. We are like living libraries of Earth, our bodies tell stories and create opportunities. Life experiencing itself through various imprints and pathways, always striving to unwind and return to simplicity and purity—to remember its true nature as LOVE. In all of our strivings, it seems enough that we honor this REFINEMENT and our ongoing potential to demonstrate its qualities. To see that this is a process of clarifying and eliminating, to see that we already contain within ourselves all that we need. We don’t need more of anything else, we will actually become more REFINED by holding onto less.

Knowing this is the way, shouldn’t we welcome loss as a necessary and vital part of our process? Can we trust that whatever doesn’t work out for us in the moment is also an opening and opportunity for us to see a deeper part of ourself and what we are holding? The shift for me on Monday brought up a lot of my childhood patterns and expectations. It helped me to see not only what mattered to me, but my judgments of it, and my beliefs that it fell through because I didn’t deserve it. It prompted me to sit with an emotional reaction that was recognizably deeper and attached to older circumstances. I decided I would honor this part of the REFINEMENT process by ALLOWING my thoughts and emotions to fully surface, and to observe what (if any of it) was aligned to TRUTH in the present moment. I was able to observe how I got here, and what story was running that attempted to imply that the power lied outside of myself to shift into HARMONY and ALIGNMENT with the PRESENT. I was able to see what energy was left in the pattern playing out, and to see that I was able to move through it a lot more quickly. I AM confident that CLARITY was reached. A little rainbow on the water..🌈♥️


I AM also choosing to create from a different platform. I AM GRATEFUL to have this awareness and to have the space for another experience to surface. My mind wanted to take me back to the stories but my HEART helped me to FEEL the expansion that was occurring. I brought the circumstances to prayer and pulled this in my oracle prayer book, “Get Over It” by Iyanla Vanzant.


It really is our attachment to our ideas about things and circumstances, and our attempts to control according to these attachments that cause such suffering. We are in an ongoing state of REFINEMENT. Our goodies are already HERE, there’s nothing outside of us that dictates or determines our potential for HARMONY in every moment. WE ARE life in this process of loss and mutation, of purification and recognition, of elation and creation. We can relax into this process knowing that it’s our resistance to the flow of our life that is our real enemy. We can trust that we are guided in this ongoing process of returning and becoming who we are naturally. We are here to demonstrate our willingness and ability to offer our best in each moment, to share what we’ve learned, and to embrace our highest natural expression.

Often it’s in releasing what we are not that we come home to ourselves and discover what we truly are. It’s there waiting and often overlooked by us if we were taught to grow up in value or comparison to something outside of us. In response to this awareness I refined my intentions to allow for a new script, one that is based on the worth I know from my heart, not the fears that drove my past. I again got familiar nods and witnesses from universe as I spoke my TRUTH. This is ongoing and always around if you open up and start to look.

I was also gifted with an opportunity to experience a deeper understanding of one of my gifts. I released some of what was in the way of me knowing myself more.🥳 This is the gift of REFINEMENT, and on the eve of Thanksgiving I thought I’d honor my recent experience with it, and satisfy the suggestion to DEMONSTRATE REFINEMENT IN ALL THAT I DO;) Best wishes to all and may you receive the gifts of GRACIOUSNESS and REFINEMENT for the days ahead. 🙋‍♀️♥️🤗


“AWARENESS— An aspect of consciousness unique to all life forms. In a human being, awareness can be divided into three main layers, although in reality they are all a single awareness—physical awareness, emotional awareness, and mental awareness. At low levels of frequency, human awareness is confined to the human body—physical awareness remains rooted in survival and fear, emotional awareness remains rooted in desire and drama, and mental awareness remains rooted in comparison and judgment.  As you raise the frequency throughout your being, your awareness becomes more REFINED and shifts from the local environment to the cosmic. Physical awareness becomes DIVINE PRESENCE, emotional awareness becomes UNIVERSAL LOVE, and mental awareness becomes SILENCE and WISDOM.”

…Definition of AWARENESS from “The Gene Keys” by Richard Rudd



Opportunities for GRACE and SURRENDER💗🌈✨🌎

7325F94B-009D-408B-B37F-12EA09BB8945LOVE and LIGHT to all!🙋‍♀️❤️ We are approaching the holiday season with great speed and HOPE-fully GRATITUDE and excitement. The sentiment behind any story celebrated at this time of year, is one of GIVING and UNITY—the customs encouraging FELLOWSHIP and threading WONDER and REVERENCE back into our daily lives. More people celebrate in unison, and the potential for shifting things accelerates. We are capable of living with this JOY, passion for life, and awareness all of the time. We have not been taught this, but the opportunity is always there just as the light is inherent in all things. The light shining through gives the most mundane and drab things BEAUTY….

On Thursday I couldn’t see the unicorn meteor shower behind the clouds with my eyes, but the camera was able to pick up the sparkles.

Children also help us to see and experience these sparkling qualities with their “milestones.” We just unfortunately stop celebrating these changes once a certain age occurs. We don’t stop growing, we just stop celebrating our personal growth. Why???!

What if we decided to challenge that and if we allowed ourselves to believe and KNOW that we can invite magic back into our experience? That we can unite with others to CREATE a world that in our HEARTS we KNOW is possible?

We can take our focus and energy away from the out-dated beliefs and structures that are destructive and DYING, and we can join others in prayer and meditation to stabilize PEACE, HARMONY, and FREEDOM for all beings. Holding and harboring these qualities and emotions in you is a start. Shifting and holding GRATITUDE for extended periods of time, uniting in group efforts to generate and amplify these thoughts and feelings does a lot to shift things on a grander scale. Many will be in this mindset in the US Thanksgiving Day, but there will be ongoing opportunities to join others in GRACE coming into the holy season. One is a 7 day prayer anusthan starting December 7th, facilitated by Shanta Gabriel. This can be done out of the comfort of your home, but you will feel the group connection and receive synchronous nods from participation. For details you can sign in here:

Spiritual Practices to Make Your Holidays More Holy 2019

This will occur during a powerful window for intention setting. Join others all over the world to envision our world and all beings healed and thriving. Our Earth Treasure Vase Meditation on Lake Ponchartrain in Fontainebleau State Park is also during this window on December 11 at 7pm. If you are not local to Louisiana, you can still join in this Earth healing meditation from any location:

We will then flow into a 12/12 meditation the next day, same place but at 12pm to receive as a group the “Green Tara Transmission: Invoking a Liberation of all Mental/Energetic Poisons” by Steve Nobel. We are in a powerful time to clear and make room for new possibilities to come in, to SURRENDER all that we are burdened with and attached to, to make room for GRACE, CHANGE, and the NEW to arrive. In today’s prayer rotation from Iyanla Vanzant’s “Get Over It,” Hopelessness came up to clear. IMAGINE a world FREE of this mental and emotional construct, the energy that would be available to CREATE CHANGE for all🙏🦄💕

We will additionally gather for the winter solstice in the spirit of SURRENDER on Dec 21 at 12pm, again at gazebo on the lake in Fontainebleau Park. We will do another meditation facilitated by Steve Nobel titled, “The GRACE Transmission: SURRENDERING a Seemingly Irresolvable Issue to Spirit.”  In this you can offer up anything you are struggling with while held in sacred space. We will then SURRENDER a personal item of growth/healing/meaning in the spirit of GIVING, and RECEIVE a treasure from another. This gift exchange is from the heart, no purchase is necessary. You are encouraged to share what was helpful to you on your journey. We will all go home with something NEW but something tried and true;) Are you willing to put down all that you know and open yourself to NEW possibilities? To seeing the potent potential that exists within all things?🤪🤗

It is my wish that ALL experience opportunities to SURRENDER into GRACE in every moment, and that all RECEIVE according to their heart’s truest desires this holiday season. May we all find time to IMAGINE the highest outcomes for the Earth and for the PEACE and SOVEREIGNTY of ALL beings. I would LOVE for you to join me in the upcoming events, and if you need a prayer or friend, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m truly grateful for the opportunity in every exchange and encounter, for all that it helps me to see and be…

The BEST is yet to come🙋‍♀️🌈🥰






Celebrating in Connecticut 🙋‍♀️💃🥰

Warm greetings to all! I am writing to you from my last day in Connecticut. Spontaneity has been a lovely guest and guide. I had a last minute event cancellation due to weather as previously posted, but I also had a last minute opportunity to travel to Connecticut.🎉 Doors close and open, and I’m delightfully riding the wings of LIBERATION from choosing to flow with whatever comes—to see everything as a gift.🎁 The event cancellation allowed me to see my niece perform the lead in her play. I was so moved by this, so grateful to be present for the entire event. I woke up the next day to the full moon still shining brightly.

In the spirit of spontaneity, I followed through on an invitation to Connecticut and have been here since Friday. It’s my first time and I’ve enjoyed it tremendously. I continue to be guided by feathered friends for this journey, a crane before I left and hawks circling every place I encounter. I even have it in a sign at my hotel.

Raven and woodpecker have graced my hikes. The trees have been full of fun messages too.

Philosopher tree—wh-eye? 👀


Forest’s claw machine😜


Nature’s antenna system 😂🤪

Fungi is actually the internet network of the forest, take a look at this next time you’re out. The diversity of every being in the forest is breathtaking. Interact mindfully and kindly. This is what happens when you cut a tree.


You can see that cuts damage and change the growth pattern forever. They scar and scab as we do:( You can learn a lot from observing, gently touching, and simply asking a tree. They are the masters of SURRENDER and ACCEPTANCE. They grow with and around the things that fall into them:)


The second hike we went to was in Salmon River Forest. It was beautiful! There was evidence of a homestead there and stone walls from colonial times throughout the entire property. The time and work that they put into marking the land back then amazes me. These are EVERYWHERE:


The homestead was associated with an English settler named John Carrier, who fled England after the monarch was reestablished. He was believed to be the executioner of the previous king and was in danger. In observing how hard people toiled to stake claim and mark territory, it’s not lost on me how much that energy is still prevalent today. When I asked the land about  it’s indigenous history, I got the word “Mohegan.” In researching this, the Mohegan (NOT Mohican) tribe identify as the “Wolf People.” Wolf presence is definitely here, my husband recently had a lone wolf encounter on a job and I brought him a wolf amulet for this trip. 🐺💕Anyway, the Mohegan tribe befriended the English settlers and joined them in war against the neighboring Pequot Tribe. There is an extensive and sad war history here, and although I enjoyed looking at the historical sites, I know these “claims” caused hardship and heartbreak for many, they STILL do. Every side and perspective was/is guided by FEAR and SELF-preservation.  We still carry this forward in our current systems of governance, we still feed and entertain the US vs THEM.  We still buy into the illusion that one is different from the other, that one party stands for “THIS,” and the other for “THAT.” We are still voting from an avoidance of what we perceive as “bad/wrong” in this or that. What we still fail to see is that the current TOP is merely a reflection and representation of the culmination of ALL that was before—achieving much SUCCESS with support of the system and ALL it’s previous enforcers of THIS or THAT. What we continue to deny, project, vilify, and push away from us will persist, this is nothing new or exclusive to a “bad deviant few.” We must break free of the limitations and illusions in THIS or THAT. The distraction and division is what’s scattering our energy and not allowing us to unite in HARMONY and RESOLUTION. If we spend the time staking our individual claims and “rightness,” we will continue to pin down and enforce the walls of our prison and our separation. The optimal shift is moving from me to WE, owning it ALL and TRANSCENDing this or that, allowing something NEW to eMERGE.

The intense emotional outpouring and agitation is the bleeding and draining of all that’s been denied, unconscious, and suppressed. The circumstances/events are showing up to trigger the wounds and their associated energy for their ultimate clearing and release. Celebrate all of it! It’s freeing US of all that’s been hidden and held down, allowing a new expression to surface. I spent most of this lifetime attracting people, circumstances, and incidents of child abuse/sexual abuse. I connected to and reacted intensely to these issues, I then worked to address them in various ways in my community as an adult. I held passionate judgements in regards to it, I could not see how everyone did not think and FEEL as I did. I suppressed the parts that were too painful in my personal experience so I could survive. This was my lens and also the result of my ancestral patterns and wounding —many thoughts and feelings that I held and experienced didn’t originate with me, many judgements/beliefs, relationship dynamics, and fears too. As I came later to face, acknowledge, and heal these unconscious and conscious incidents/patterns/relationships in my life, I have cleared this energy in myself and my family. I now experience FREEDOM from the patterns and emotional triggers that scripted most of my life up to date. Addressing an “outer threat” is only part of the change, I can say with certainty that the real change is done within.  It’s paramount that all individually look WITHIN as a response to any intense emotional reaction. The “other” or outside reflection is merely helping you see and release what you are still unconsciously holding WITHIN. It’s not about them, it’s about your FREEDOM ultimately, about you returning to your natural state of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. These perceptions and patterns are “older” than these lifetimes and are passed  down the line. We inherit more than genes that describe our physical make-up—we also receive thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and fears—we are bathed and imprinted in our mother’s composite of energy/experience for our gestational period. It’s good to question all that you “know” and all that you “feel.” Not doing so with criticism or judgment, but with AWARENESS of the inner dialog that creates and directs your life experience.  You will be amazed that what you often observe in your reactions is seldom appropriate or proportionate in relation to your current circumstances and surroundings.  You will observe unwarranted and unnecessary fear for example, simply in response to a new stimuli.  Allow this natural observation, know yourself inside and out, and be response-able instead of reactive.  When we own our emotions and emotional responses, we empower ourselves with the potential to free ourselves from being weighted down or driven by them. We can then see the bigger picture in it all (lesson and purpose) and be grateful for all the doors that are closing. We can see the ones that are consequently opening too. We experience an ongoing dance of life, death, and rebirth. All things pass and change. It’s happening in all facets, on a personal note I experienced a loss while gone: my sweet little Raphael ☹️


But I’m also CELEBRATING a return!

This sweet boy was missing in the MI woods for 2 weeks! He’s from Louisiana originally but my mom took him to her place in MI and when he got lost they had just had their first snow of the year. He was with an older dog that made it home the next day. After many prayers and guidance. He was spotted by hunters in an area of the woods miles from home. He would not go to my mom’s friend initially though, he was too scared and she is out of town. I woke up yesterday with the message for her friend to go out there with my her voice on a loud speaker. With this, the dog came and had a successful homecoming. Many prayers answered and something learned for all.🙏❤️

Nothing is impossible. I’ve been working on maintaining a peaceful and neutral state of observation and BEING, and on aligning with an idea/outcome without control or attachment. I still allow the more intense emotions to pass through, but I don’t hold onto them or the accompanying stories. I don’t need to analyze them, I know what’s TRUTH for me right now. I follow my guidance. I’m still clearing a lot of fears, traumas, and outmoded  perceptions/patterns in my dream state. I’m grateful to send them off with LOVE. There’s light in all of it, and as we grow to shed and release trapped emotions, clouds, veils, and defensive walls that dim and obstruct our perceptions, we can behold the BEAUTY inherent in all things. In the SIMPLEST places:

The true POWER is inside, that’s the BEAUTY. We actually see the LOVE inside of ourselves, the LOVE that we are, reflected back to us. Clearing the lenses inside, cleans the mirror reflection “outside.” We are not in TRUTH victims of anyone or thing outside of us.  How deep are you willing to look at the places inside you where you are afraid to/of love? How much are you willing to take responsibility? To give? What if you knew this was all about LOVE expressing and knowing itself, what would you do differently then? What would you really care about in your current circumstances? What would you do differently? What if you knew loving YOURSELF more, loving yourself and others UNCONDITIONALLY was a game changer? I know this may sound cliched but I shifted my life, my health, and my family out of destructive and dangerous patterns with the simple initial guidance of “CHOOSE LOVE.” This directive was to be employed no matter what, even in the face of non-love and extreme resistance. I brought this to the “gutter” and I had miraculous results. I KNOW this is the path that will lead us forward NOW. My willingness to be humble, to be wrong, to be sincere, to be open was all that was required. I asked and I received—It is SIMPLE, the most powerful path, GENTLE.

The DIVINE LOVE and WISDOM of the universe stands with you (is you) and the higher aspects of this LIGHT in higher realms (Angels, for example) are always waiting and available for your call. When I pray I sometimes get a glorious vision of a time when all will come to silence, all will take hands in reverence and understanding, and all will unite in song. I can feel the BLISS and HARMONY when I see this.  I also see rainbow light flowing and glowing through it all. I see this light often.🌈🥰🤗

As you can see a lot came through on this trip and I’m ACCEPTING it all exactly and perfectly as it is, CELEBRATING what must die and pass so that we can ASCEND to higher experience for ALL beings. We truly live in a Beautiful World. Clear and clean all lenses, open your heart, TRUST and BELIEVE in the inherent goodness of life, and look for the doors that are opening….Much LOVE and BLESSINGS to ALL!🌈🌎💗☮️




Beyond Acceptance

Greetings and warm hugs to all! We are having an Arctic blast here in the US. This is definitely not typical for Louisiana at this time, but it’s nice to have a breath of fresh air every now and then. My dogs were so excited! I really thought about that, and how they can simply enjoy what is. They move way past acceptance and delight in it. I’ve learned much from the animal kingdom, and with dogs much on UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. It is why they are such excellent healers! They don’t offer opinions, argue, or probe too much—they simply hold the space with adoration for you and delight in what is. I literally watched one of my dogs shift my daughters mood entirely being silly and relentlessly pursuing her with kisses and nudges until she started to laugh. Joyful to witness and a powerful teaching in the way of spirit. Spirit nudges is in this way, and when we deeply surrender and trust that life is always guiding us toward alignment, we can relax and offer no resistance to the things that seem blocked, thwarted, or unavailable in the moment. In the spirit of our current wind and weather conditions, I shifted my plans for tonight and have canceled our Earth Treasure Vase Meditation on the lake. It’s funny how in considering this my mind wanted to judge me for it! I had criticisms of not following through,  letting the Earth/park down, not setting good example, and on. I’m laughing as I say this because none of this is true of course, I’ve held these in cold, rain, wind, mosquito crazed, heat, etc…I’ve been a trooper but learned what conditions are conducive to stillness and focused intention—intense cold wind, not so much! I will still add to the effort, and the moment I followed my instinct and decided, I FELT amazing. We don’t have to suffer for the cause! Follow your gut without guilt always and trust your feeling in this, not the imaginings in your head.  I will share a link at the bottom for any interested to join from the comforts of their home. You can help others all over the world to IMAGINE and INTEND healing for the Earth. It’s such a beautiful project and we live in a beautiful world. 🌈🌎🙏

Our 11/11 meditation yesterday was amazingly peaceful and powerful. The sky was bright and we spotted dragon and Phoenix (look above sun) in it.

The water was calm and the sun was in its usual captivating form.

We sang songs and celebrated to close. CELEBRATION feels like it’s sitting right next to UNCONDITIONAL LOVE in being beyond acceptance. How often do we take the time to celebrate the things in our life that bring JOY, BEAUTY, and meaning? I have started to sing to the water and sit with trees more. I’ve had fantastic views and company.

Life responds in ways that defy description. I get overcome with nature all the time—it speaks directly to the heart. See angels in flight

So messages from the 11/11 ceremony yesterday were not all bright and shiny at first glance:

In these cards I am advised to be mindful of the fears that surface in my thinking. We are creating from these deep seated beliefs and thoughts, and shifting our life greatly involves this inner awareness and adjustment. The darkest fear card is in the element of thought in this deck—the fear is all of the mind. What we entertain and feed with emotion (energy) will create experiences in our life to reflect them. I was actually relieved by this card because I have been having many dreams of scenarios of fears and traumas, some based on this life and others in other aspects of self or symbolic of themes I’ve experienced like betrayal, force, rejection, and abandonment. My gut told me these were coming through as they were leaving my subconscious or to make me aware of them so I could choose contrary, but the mind tried to pull me back to the possibility I was there again in reality. What we fear WILL taint our current experiences and warp our view of them. We will draw more to satisfy the beliefs and investment in them. These are issues we are all facing collectively now. I thought I’d share my process because chances are you are having your own version of it. Don’t believe and entertain the ghosts and monsters of your past! Write a NEW story and in it—you are SOVEREIGN and RESPONSIBLE in creating it all. Take the power back—it’s truly yours. What is true in you was never harmed or lost. Got this while writing.


Enough said! I loved that the friend unicorn was next to it:) I am encouraged to step out and join my soul family—to close out any relation that causes harm, stress, or is unsupportive and unbalanced. Fabulous! I’m already on it, making friends in these circles monthly and truly grateful for it! 🙏❤️ I hope you set beautiful intentions and imagine the highest heights for yourself and for the Earth! It really does make a difference. If you need a friend or prayer don’t hesitate to reach out.🙋‍♀️ May you find FREEDOM from all fear, and have much warmth and companionship for the days ahead!



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Neutralizing November🧡

Happy November to all! 🍁🍂🎃 We had a great start here in Louisiana. We actually had a cold front and I woke up to a uniquely beautiful weather pattern on my radar. It looked like a field of ice flowers, and when I honed in on my town, a wave of blue.

We enjoyed the change and decided to celebrate at the Renaissance Festival yesterday. I love how playful and imaginative people are at these festivals. I love the art and unique treasures you can find too. Magic and mystery are kept alive there for sure. Where else can you see falconry and jousting…


One of my favorite artists is there showcasing her work. Her name is Marrus, and you can find her on face book under “Miz Marrus.” This is one of my favorite pieces. It’s called “Soul Owning” and it’s so appropriate for where we are now that I thought I’d share. Yes we all have this😳🤗:


The skies were magical too! Rainbow energy is everywhere:)

I decided to take some home with me to throw it all over my house.🌈♥️

We are off to a great start, but I realize that’s a matter of perspective. Many are undergoing adjustments that may seem stressful or scary, and the energies and frequencies will continue to rise and pulse in ways that require changes in our course or our way of caring for ourselves. I am getting strongly that it is important for us to take proper care of ourselves, to listen to our bodies, to be mindful of what we let in our environment, noting the effects that something has and our relationship to it. External circumstances WILL shift, it is important that we learn to maintain PEACE, and NEUTRALITY in response as best as we can. Many are serving the world in this way, BEING and anchoring this for the collective. I was approached yesterday with a dramatic and emotional situation while driving and talking on the phone. I felt myself start to get upset at a direction that I saw this going, and I literally had a car pass with the plate “YVE000”(my first 3 initials🤪) and the message came to pull back into ZERO. I was guided to approach this with NEUTRALITY, and to allow others their lessons and experiences. It is the best for them to learn, and I had been praying and could send light for highest good regardless. We are doing enough to keep ourselves straight and focused on our path and what our spirit is calling us to do. We won’t hear it if we are enthralled and our energy tied up in drama with others. Point made so I pulled back and felt good about what I sent in prayer. I was inspired and decided to share my LOVE with the land, water, and sky. We went to Big Branch Marsh and had a an enriching experience instead.

It was fabulous! As usual I asked for animal inspiration and encountered many high flying birds, butterflies, dragon flies, cranes, snakes and armadillo.

Still receiving so much symbolizing change and transformation, but the armadillo further emphasized the suggestion for self care, discernment, boundaries, and healthy protection. We are rooting through deep levels of SELF and TRUTH just as he was rooting in the ground, we can do so with a healthy level of boundaries too. If provoked, he has a shell and defense in response. This isn’t about fighting back or attacking, it’s about minding our way and digging for ourselves with an ability to protect ourselves and hold space if needed. It seemed in line with the other things coming through. I clean my energy daily, and I set parameters energetically where I go too. We are to be more mindful and responsible for our experience instead of allowing our reality to be dependent on the whim of others. I was able to capture the shell in a photo. He really was precious in his happy little dig. 🐀❤️

There was still a lot of rainbow love out today, and well worth the trip.

I truly enjoy my time spent with the trees, flowers, and wildlife.

I am grateful to have these moments. 🙏🥰 I encourage all to get out and connect with their community and environment in a bigger way! I have 2 opportunities to join us outdoors here in November if you’re local. On Monday 11/11 from 11am to 1pm, we will be at our gazebo on Lake Pontchartrain in Fontainebleau State Park in Mandeville, LA for “Meditation & Melody.” We will do a group guided meditation to the angelic realm of creative power for healing and inspiration. We will then unite in song and prayer together. I encourage all to dress comfortably and to bring a pen, journal, and musical instrument if you have it. No musical experience required! It’s what’s in our hearts that will matter to the land and water there. We then have our next Full Moon ETV meditation on Tues November 12th, 7pm at same place on gazebo on the lake. If you are out of town and want to join, you can sign up to log into meditation at:

The last Full Moon ETV for year is on Wed. Dec 12th, and we will join again from lake at 7pm. I will also be hosting another Gene Keys meeting soon, more details on that to come. We are encouraged to gather and share in our growth and healing, the energy and potential is amplified when we do. If there isn’t something in your area that you see, start something! You will be blessed and helped when you do. If you need a friend or prayer, don’t forget to reach out. 🙋‍♀️ We are entering the month to honor our blessings and to embody the essence and attitude of GRATITUDE. Holding this energy in the face of all circumstances is a key to experiencing transformative ABUNDANCE inside and out. Keep your eyes and hearts aimed higher, and may you be blessed and find PEACE as we neutralize November! ☮️🌍💜






Live 444 Today🥳💆‍♂️❤️💆‍♀️

Greetings and Salutations to all! I hope everyone is navigating their deep waters on a raft of TRUST, WONDER, and DELIGHT. It doesn’t always feel that way, but once you cross through the storm or better yet fly above it to see the higher view—the amazement is inevitable. We have had a lot of water here in Louisiana, temporary power outages too but the light that came after was glorious:

I love water and its cleansing properties. I respect its power too. The wind was stronger than I anticipated in the storm and I was cautioned this week about the wind and water in my internal landscape. We are anchoring a new stability and “authority” inside and out. We are coming into our own sovereignty and it is imperative that we mind our thoughts and emotions at this time. We can only do this from  time spent looking within and at our life experience. We can only master this in knowing ourselves and what is in our hearts to  embody, experience, and express.  The answer is in the present moment, no matter how often the mind wants to pull us back into what was “true” for yesterday. We have the power to own  and create our experience fully and we are being given the energy and reigns to practice and master this in every moment. We have help. I have been called to the trees to do my log in and prayers, and they have added to the depth of my experience and enriched my relationship with the organic life all around me. There are 2 magnificent ladies that called. One is known as the “Belle of the Ball,” and the other I call “ Mother of Love” because she is a recurring site for sacred vows of love. I was delighted to join them and encourage anyone to sit with trees in your area. There is a lot of wisdom and support in the connection.


I was with the “Mother of Love” to set up our new moon ceremony this week. I laughed because as I entered the park I was serenaded by the song “Free Bird.” Talk about flying high and cutting loose of any restrictions, it’s the anthem for it. Lately I’ve had hawks circling above and throughout our ceremony we had the delicate presence of butterflies flying through our temple on their way over the water instinctively following their guidance…🦋

As I watched I knew and felt that the change is here, even if it’s in the small details. I get little reminders all the time. I find so much love in the dirtiest places, reminding me that it’s in all that shows up, even the dark (look with the black glob below;) and thus helping me keep my eyes and heart on the horizon.

Even in revisiting my darkest moments—moments of abuse, of heartache, of death, the LOVE is there. It’s inside me and it’s unharmed and unlimited. I scare myself sometimes with my capacity to love and forgive, because it’s in there that my mind takes me to judgment still. These are the winds I’m cautioned against. There is some part of me still unaccepting of this capacity to love. We are conditioned to see this as weak and to fear what others will think. Things like revenge and “I rise to be better than you” are heralded at this time, but at the end of the day the lack of acceptance that I fear from another is merely a reflection of this lack of acceptance in myself. I’m encouraged to above all ACCEPT and LOVE myself and to follow my authority and guidance forward. The programmed and conditioned  lack of harmony and equality between the sexes has created this internal conflict and propensity toward judgment and separation. All of this is shifting inside and out. I’m grateful to see where I still need adjustments and to have the small reminders to trust that I’ll get there. I’m actually there! I see it, it has no control over me, I choose a different response, I’m there. I’m not the same, and it takes these moments to help me see that, even before I see a drastic shift “out there.” I ALREADY SEE THE SHIFTS, it’s trusting them;)


I’m not the same, and I allow that to be true for everyone, no matter who they are and what they’ve done. It took me coming to my darkest moment, facing the darkest unconscious truths, histories, and patterns in my story and family to know this is possible. To see there is LOVE still in all circumstances, and all beings. Things are seldom as they first appear and that is true for looking in the mirror, but we can’t know until we are ready to take that look. Everyone has a story, a pattern, a reason, an understanding, a way of surviving, a way of feeling good or needed, a fear, a wound, but we are all so much more than them. There is something beautiful lying within all of it and that’s what we are to rise in and to share, not to be better than but to help others remember what’s in them that’s beautiful and unharmed too.  We must allow this to come without judgment or attachment to any of the story or aspects of it. Stories change, we are anchoring to what has been with us and in us all along. We are coming together with others in that and creating something new. We are doing it with all of life, the trees, the water, the wind, and all life forms.  It’s why I go out to do ceremony and prayer, to unite with life, be supported, be witnessed, be of service to send my greatest love and hope for our world out into the web of life.

We are being encouraged to reconnect in this way to all organic life, to come into harmony and alignment with the nature and source of all of life. We connect to and reclaim our magic when we do. The evidence is right outside our door, the truth in our hearts. It’s not in the media or artificial sources of light and life that are striving to keep us in old stories, timelines, and antiquated ways of thinking. Gaia is calling and asking for our love and participation, not our despair and fear. We can anchor our authority on pillars of LOVE, TRUST, JOY, and COMPASSION. We can show up with a softer presence and confidence, backed by and linked to a vast field of love and wisdom. So much is coming through now, I though I’d share. In connecting to the trees 222 and 144 was on my path, but for now 444 coming through strongly.  It’s what prompted me to reach out, we are all in this together and encouraged to rise in our knowing and authority, to trust our hearts and take the leaps and looks that are calling our spirit. There are many on the road with you when you do, and there’s always light in the dark. Celebrate any opportunity or evidence of change! It will start in the little things, the things you notice in your thoughts, the decision you make to eat better in one meal, the new class you take, the piece of your story that you share, the compliment you give to a stranger,  the apology you get from an old friend, the door that is opened for you in the rain… Take notice of all the blessings that come your way, let them outweigh the challenges. Delight in the choices. Delight in the dark and the opportunity it affords you to shine your light and to grow. They exist together and because of each other….

Have fun rooting through the dark and have a Happy Halloween!!!🎃👻




Stirrings from the Lake🌬

In this moment, I am at total PEACE with who and where I AM.

I AM committed to being my best self in every moment.

I hear the crow calling and I know she is with me to help me discover my MAGIC and to  create something beautiful for the world. 🌎♥️

I AM choosing to open my heart with LOVE, but I accept and allow with COMPASSION and TRUST any lower emotion that must rise and pass through to FREE me from all that is left in my form.

I LOVE EVERYONE for their part in my journey.


I AM overwhelmed by the BEAUTY in this world and in me;)


I AM GRATEFUL for the capacity to understand and FEEL this…


I AM going to help myself by choosing what is best for me in each moment.

I AM going to ALLOW myself to proceed in all things with a WONDROUS CURIOSITY. 😸😻


I see the LOVE, the MAGIC, the TRANSFORMATION EVERYWHERE—the butterflies too….🦋


“Oh thou that art the great light of the sun, shine through me that I may be a light to the world”
Gayatri mantra

Amen 🌞🕷🌈🥰